RESURGENCE 25x for Health Webinar

About this event

RESURGENCE 25X for Health webinar 19 May 2021

Resurgence 25X for Health webinar. Produced by ATPO in association with workLAB Waterford. Building on the extraordinary success of the Resurgence 25X series of events delivered so far with Waterford Chamber and the Theatre Royal Waterford we are convening a webinar dedicated to a vibrant recovery from COVID 19 for the Health Sector.

As is fully appreciated front-line combat by all in the Health sector with the virus has been exhaustive and for some demoralising. But this event is about looking a little ahead to see what possible positive change in the sector is achievable. And also looking back to see examples of resurgence from chaos and crisis. This event is intended as a platform for ideas that will help its recovery. The intention is to share, magnify, and multiply the ideas and opportunities for a resurgence for the Health sector that can be adopted now and show fruit in 2025.

Each of the guest speakers has been given the same ‘5 for 25X’ challenge. To speak about their perspective on resurgence for the Health sector based on their knowledge, experience, and ideas for our recovery from COVID 19 over the next few years (to 2025). To add to the challenge each speaker is asked to provide at least 5 examples of resurgence in their delivery.

The guest speakers are;

Dr. Sharon O Donnell (GP)
Dr. Frank Dolphin (President and Founder of Rigney Dolphin and Relate Care)
Mike Stevenson (Founder of Thinktastic, TedEx and Leadercast speaker)
Ella O Nuallain (Healthcare Consultant at Rebbeck Consulting)
Larry Breen (Chief Commercial Officer at NearForm)

Interactive engagement activities will take place throughout the session so that attendees can expand on and multiply the 25 examples of resurgence from the guest speakers. They will include individual, pair and multiple group activities.

This multiplier (X) event is intended to provide a platform for an exponential growth of ideas to support a vibrant recovery for the health sector from COVID 19.

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