Employers are you struggling to Motivate your Employees?

Here at workLAB Waterford, we can make life easier for employers by providing a suitable work environment for employees who are not able to attend the official workplace. Being able to attend and offsite office does lead to a better performance from your workers.

A recent Health and Wellbeing Seminar by Laya Healthcare advised that employees are weary and tired of having to dig deep daily to complete work.

In the first wave of this research (carried out in July 2020), those forced to work remotely because of the pandemic were stressed but also appreciated the upside of working from home.

In the second wave, carried out early in 2021, more people said they were anxious, tired, and demotivated. In fact, an astonishing 63% of employees said that Covid-19 has affected their mental health, while 26% of people are struggling with substance abuse due to COVID19.

The Laya report showcases 12 key trends that capture employee sentiment, and the strain workers are under, the biggest challenges facing employers, and ways to find and build a better path forward.

The first of these challenges is “the makeshift workplace”.

43% of people who WFH are working from the kitchen table, sofa, or their bed. The Irish workforce has shown itself to be adaptable and responsible during the pandemic. Most employees say their role has changed in the past year, with 38% taking on more responsibility than before. Remote working environments can be challenging, with half of those working from home sharing their workspace and many not having a proper desk at which to work.

A second significant challenge is the “The Slump in Motivation”. 46% of people report a lower job satisfaction compared with pre Covid19 times.

Our private offices are ideal for a business professional requiring a calm, quiet space to work from.  Each office is furnished a professional desk and office chair. Our inclusive rents include parking, wifi, heating and cleaning.

Private office spaces for rent start at €395/month. Short-term (min 3 months) and long-term leases are available along with access to all workLAB facilities, including priority booking and discounted rates on meeting rooms and conference spaces.

Contact Alicia at workLAB for further information – 051 – 376180, alicia@workLAB.ie